Killa Hertz & The Case of the Missing Documents – Part 1

Killa Hertz and the Case of the Missing Documents

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The exciting story of Killer Hertz, a private eye, who specializes in tracking down the missing …

Killa Hertz & The Case of the Missing Documents – Part 1

An ECM Detective story - Killa Hertz and the case of the Missing Documents
It was a warm evening. Not a pleasant warm, but a sticky, humid, clammy warm where you feel like someone had soaked their woolen socks in a hot bath andthen wrapped them around your head.

The phone rang.  After a quick shot of whatever was in the cup on my desk, I picked up the receiver. There was a dame’s voice on the other end, and it sounded like there was trouble. I took another swig from my cup and inched closer to the open window.

The dame was upset.

She introduced herself as Trudy and started to tell me what was wrong. Her voice was like a poorly tuned violin. But then, I was in no place to be critical – my voice wasn’t gonna win any beauty contests, either. She told me that the search engine at the place where she worked, (some high-class lawyers outfit) was holding out on her, and she wanted me to find out why.

Killa Hertz - ecm private eye

My name is Killa Hertz, and this was my sort of case.

Pulling my jacket on, I headed for my car. I knew that it was gonna be a long day…

The drive uptown was exciting as porridge. I went over the details in my head like a Tommy gun being fired by a madman. It didn’t make sense.

I pulled into the only open space in front of the building where Trudy worked, I looked around. Nothing looked out of place. I went inside. The place was air-conditioned, and there were groups of men in suits huddled together like sardines sitting at an AA meeting. I could smell the panic.

Trudy met me in the foyer, and we sidled into a small conference room. “Tell me the specifics,” I said to her…

to be continued…

Part 2

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