Killa Hertz & The Case of the Missing Documents – Part 2

Killa Hertz and the Case of the Missing Documents

… continued from Part 1 [All Episodes]
Private Eye Killa Hertz has received a call from Trudy who works at a law firm. Their search tool was not returning all their documents. Killa heads to their officeto investigate.

Killa Hertz & The Case of the Missing Documents – Part 2


Trudy introduced some of the suits. They were lawyers, and they all looked like they had spent too much time in small rooms with neon lighting.

“Ok – give me the facts,” I said. They started their story.

They kept all their critical documents in a Documentum system. For a document to get into the system required checks, reviews, and sign-offs. And to get access to a document was also damn difficult. Not just anyone could waltz in and read, or modify a document. It sounded more secure than Sing Sing

An ECM Detective story - Killa Hertz and the case of the Missing Documents - EMC security is like a prison

Some hired gun, with an IQ that was higher than my hourly rate, had recommended that they also use SharePoint 2007. This meant that they could also use SharePoint’s storage repositories for less critical documents, as well as create a “Portal” so that specific users would have their own customized work area. The only Portal I knew of was the back door of O’Leary’s bar. A “Portal” that I was frequently being ejected from by large gorillas.

Trudy explained that they were using special web parts that allowed SharePoint to display the folders, and documents stored in Documentum. They had created lots of SharePoint sites so that each ambulance chaser could work easily work with the documents, and tools, that they needed.

To make it easy for these shysters to search across everything (SharePoint and Documentum), an “Enterprise Search” site had been set up.

Trudy explained, in an excited voice, that they used something called “eResults” that let SharePoint crawl, and index, the documents in Documentum. The results were combined with the info that SharePoint had on the docs, etc, that it had in its own repositories, and when a search was done, the results were all displayed in one easy-to-read page.

A few of the lower level lawyers (the ones in the cheap suits) had complained that the search was not returning documents that they knew were in the system. It wasn’t until one of the partners of the law firm had complained that it become serious.

That’s when I was called…

to be continued…

…. Part 3


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