You want to complain? Go ahead.

Just read a great post by Steve Radick. His post discusses how, even though we have such a great opportunity at the moment, to communicate how we feel about something in the work place, we still don’t.

And we never have. Who ever wanted to send an “anonymous” e-mail to the HR department about something that was royally pissing you off? Or to fill in an on-line survey about management in a truly honest way. We all know that in an organisation, if the communication is via the computer, then it ain’t that anonymous – “Oh look, unknown employee using computer WEX321 (ip address has criticised the way the Director runs the company. Let’s just make note of that.”

Steve’s post is quite interesting and he discusses ways to encourage honest feedback.

Here’s a link to his post: Got a Problem with the Organization? Speak Up!!


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Got a Problem with the Organization? Speak Up!!Got a Problem with the Organization? Speak Up!!

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