Killa Hertz & The Case of the Missing Documents – Part 5

Killa Hertz and the Case of the Missing Documents

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An ECM Detective story - Killa Hertz and the case of the Missing Documents

Killa Hertz had taken control of the computer. Running a few DQL queries he had been able to determine how many, and what sort of, documents there actually were in the docbase. The number that SharePoint was crawling didn’t match…

Killa Hertz & The Case of the Missing Documents – Part 5

After taking a swig of cold coffee, I decided to learn more about eResults.

It allowed SharePoint to talk with Documentum. As well as that, it keeps track of the security of  the documents in Documentum. This ensures that security trimming is applied correctly to the documents returned in the search results.

Looking at the SharePoint’s Search Administration screen, and the configuration screen for eResults I deduced the following:

  • A content source has been set up that points to the Documentum docbase.
  • At regular intervals, SharePoint connects to Documentum using the information defined in the content source.
  • Based on a custom filter, SharePoint retrieves a list of the documents that Documentum has 20,000 at a time.
  • Using a web server as the intermediary, SharePoint copies the documents from the docbase to a folder on the Index server.
  • The documents are then crawled, and when each document is finished, it is deleted from the folder.
  • At the same time, that the list of documents is retrieved from Documentum, the Documentum security is also translated so that it matches a corresponding group in Active Directory.

Luckily eResults kept detailed logs about its activities. I opened the latest one. There was a lot of information. I started looking through it.

There were several places where the word “error” appeared in the log. They looked like pretty harmless entries, but I wanted to be sure. I’d have to call in a favour.

Mike Budrewski was an old friend of mine. He was born with a copy of “The Geeks Guide to Being a Geek” in his hands. What Mike didn’t know about technology wasn’t worth knowing. Problem with Mike was, if you didn’t have a keyboard, and a monitor, he didn’t really feel comfortable talking to you. Mike wasn’t really a people person.

I looked at Trudy. She was looking tired. “Let’s call it a night” I said. “Copy these log files onto a CD for me. I’ve got a guy who will look over them tonight, and I should have an answer by tomorrow.”

Trudy looked pleased. It was 3 o’clock in the morning, & the caffeine was starting to wear off.

An ECM Detective story - Killa Hertz and the case of the Missing Documents

to be continued…

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