Killa Hertz & The Case of the Missing Documents – Part 6

An ECM Detective story - Killa Hertz and the case of the Missing Documents

… continued from Part 5 —  [All Episodes]

An ECM Detective story - Killa Hertz and the case of the Missing DocumentsKilla Hertz had worked through the night with help from Trudy. They had gone through the indexing process. It looked like the answer could be in the eResult log. Killa had sent them to his super-geek friend Mike to see if he could make sense of it.

Killa Hertz & The Case of the Missing Documents – Part 6

The alarm clock went off at 8am.

Swinging my arm I knocked the thing off the bedside table.

Being electric, it just kept beeping. I pull the plug out of the wall.

After leaving Trudy’s office last night, I made a phone call. My friend Mike was awake. I expected that. He liked his internet games. I swung past his place with the CD. Trudy had made sure that there was only the eResults log on it.

Mike invited me to stay while he analysed the log.  His flat was small, and messy, and there was no bourbon. I declined. “Mike – call me in the morning when you have an answer.”

So now – it was morning. Still hot and as sticky as it was last night. After swallowing two cups of coffee, I headed into Trudy’s office. She was there looking at the system. “Hi Killa!” she squeaked far too enthusiastically. I hate morning people. “Have you heard anything?”. I told her that Mike would call me as soon as he had news for me.

“But you know Trudy, it could be that the system is choking while it’s doing the indexing. Let’s have another look at it.”

She logged onto the system for me and then let me sit in her chair. I had a look at the Crawler Impact Rules in SharePoint. There were none. I poked around and checked out a few other things. The system was 32 bit. Not the best, but didn’t explain why the crawls were suddenly stopping short. There were a few settings in the registry that could be tweaked to increase the amount of memory used. But, again, no point changing those…yet. I made note of them anyway.

Around 9:30, my cell phone rang. It was Mike. He wanted me to come around.

Knocking on his door, I was met by Mike in the same clothes that he had on the last time I saw him. He was talking fast. Clearly a sign of too many caffeine-loaded energy drinks. I didn’t want to be around when those wore off.

Mike pulled a stool over next to his chair. The computer screen was filled with the error logs. “I looked through the logs, Killa. There’s a hellova lot of information in there. I went through each line. This is a smart app.” I could hear that Mike was impressed. “There are a lot of errors, but they are nothing to be worried about. It looks like the system is just reporting that it couldn’t find certain things. These don’t look like they are causing the crawl to fail. I double-checked them anyway. It took me awhile, but about an hour ago I think I finally pinned it down”

I glanced at Mike. He liked his moment of importance. “So what do ya think it is?”, I asked. Mike continued “Memory” he said.”But their SharePoint system is running fine” I said. “No – not the SharePoint server – it’s a Java error.”

“I need coffee” I said. His response was to thrust a can of energy drink in my hand. It was better than nothing.

An ECM Detective story - Killa Hertz and the case of the Missing Documents

I thought back over the process. SharePoint indexed the docs. But Java wasn’t used for that. The documents were transferred in batches from the Documentum docbase to the SharePoint server first. And this was via a web server that did use Java.

“Mike – I’ve gotta go check something. I’ll call you.” Mike handed me a pile of paper. It was a printout of the error log with the Java error highlighted. “As always – Thanks”.

I arrived back at Trudy’s office. “Trudy – give me access to your web server.”

to be continued…

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