Killa Hertz & The Case of the Missing Documents – Part 7

Killa Hertz and the Case of the Missing Documents

An ECM Detective story - Killa Hertz and the case of the Missing Documents

… continued from Part 6  —  [Other Episodes]

Killa Hertz’ friend Mike Budrewski had analysed the logs and had determined that there was a Java memory error. Killa was investigating further.


Killa Hertz & The Case of the Missing Documents – Part 7

“Trudy – I need to look at the web server.”

Trudy looked up with a puppy dog look in her eyes. She quickly opened up a new remote session and logged me onto the web server.

“OK”, I said to myself, “somehow this thing is throwing a memory error.” I fired up the task manager. The thing was using a little more memory than normal, but it looked OK.

Suddenly my mobile phone rang. Trudy jumped. The girl was skittery.

I answered the phone and heard Mike’s voice. “Killa, I was able to find some documentation about this eResults application. There’s nothing explicit about the error, but it clearly states  that it requires 2Gigabytes RAM. How much is that thing running?” “1 gig” I replied. I was happy. It looked like an open and  closed case.

At the same time, I was annoyed. Why the hell was a law firm skimping on things like memory?

I looked over at Trudy – she was busy staring at numbers in a spreadsheet. “Trudy – this server doesn’t have enough memory. What you can you do to get another gig installed?”. She looked up. She wrinkled her nose, and trundled her chair next to mine. Her perfume was clearly set on “Kill” this morning..

“Umm, let’s have a look.” The web service server was a virtual one. That meant that, in principle, it should be easy to increase the memory. “Yes,” she said, in that excited voice of hers. “However, I’ll have to let the boss know. We’ll probably need to take the server off-line.” I went and grabbed a coffee while she called her boss.

After 5 minutes, she came into the coffee room. “Sure thing Killa, we can do it tonight.” I put down my cup. “Trudy – how long does it take to crawl all the documents in the docbase?” “Well…” she started. “The last time we did it, it took about a week.”

Suddenly, I had the urge to be sitting on a stool at O’Learys with a glass of Jack.

“A week is a long time to see if this is going to work.” Even though I was getting paid by the day, there were still limits.

“Let’s see if we can split up the load.” Trudy’s eyes opened wide. She was a good kid.

“Look – you’ve got over 800,000 documents in there. We’ll split up the documents into smaller groups. Then we start a crawl on each group of documents. If this memory increase doesn’t help, and a crawl doesn’t work properly, then it doesn’t mean we have to recrawl all the documents.”

An ECM Detective story - Killa Hertz and the case of the Missing Documents

Trudy ran over to her desk and grabbed a pad of paper (it had roses in the corner of each pad) and a pen. “Let me get this down,” she said.

“Ok Trudy, let me show you what needs to be done.”

to be continued…

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