Act like you're in a Bar with Twitter

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Steven Van Belleghem wrote a post the other day on the SocialMediaToday blog that is really on the mark.

In it he describes a typical bar scenario. People talking in groups about all sorts of things. The topics change frequently, and every now and then one particular subject of discussion goes through the whole bar.

And like any bar, there is usually a diverse bunch of people.

At one end of the spectrum, there are the regulars at the bar, are those people who are seen frequently, and have something useful, or interesting to offer to the conversation. They easily move between groups.

Then there are the people who come in trying to sell you something. When you are having a nice drink, and are chatting with friends, getting disturbed by these people is never nice.

And then, there are the people who stroll into the bar every three months or so, and just try to promote themselves. Then they are gone.

Anyway – really recommend reading Steven’s post: When on Twitter, Act Like You’re in a Bar

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