Momentum Lisbon – Virtual Momentum.

Another surprising offering this year is “Virtual Momentum“.

While attending Momentum is always fun, and educational, EMC have realised that not all companies can send someone to such an event. And so, they have created “Virtual Momentum”. Virtual Momentum allows a user to, using their computer,

  • “attend” sessions (where a recording of the session can be listened to, and the presentation viewed/downloaded ,
  • “visit” the booths, where they have a chance to access further information, or to interact with the “exhibitor” through on-line chatting.
  • Watch the keynote sessions, etc.

Virtual Momentum is something that all attendees of Momentum have access to (normally $200 per person).. After the “real-life” Momentum, I will certainly be “visiting” it, and will post more information on what it is like.

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