CMIS – what are the adoption plans for 2011?

CMIS Adoption Plans 2011

Genesis launched a survey,in 2010, to determine the CMIS Adoption Plans 2011. In this post, I examine the results of the survey and make a few observations.

CMIS Adoption Plans 2011

I’ve been following the CMIS protocol from when it was a “cool idea” till when it became a ratified protocol and have been seriously wondering what impact it would have on the ECM world (click here for an earlier post).

there needs to be application vendor adoption to really create impact.


A Short Survey on CMS and CMIS

I’m not sure how scientific Generis’ survey was or how many companies were surveyed. And the resulting whitepaper is…I have to say it…ugly.

In any case here is a summary of their findings:

  • Most of the companies that responded to the survey use multiple Content Management Systems
  • 26% of the respondents are looking at moving to a common platform, while 52% have no plans, and will keep the systems they have
  • 40% are planning a new system, and 43% are planning system upgrades. Just under 40% are planning content migration. (Note – each respondent may be planning more than one project next year).
  • CMIS doesn’t seem to play a big part in the projects.
  • 87% state that Usability and UI are critical, while 75% consider Richness of Functionality as a High requirement.

You can read more about the survey here in Generis’ “Content Management Plans for 2011 – A Short Survey on CMS and CMIS“

What does this all mean?

What does this all mean? Well, based on Generis’ survey, it seems that CMIS will not be pushed by the users in 2011.

However, other bloggers have also made comments on the future of CMIS in 2011. Laurence Hart predicted at the end of 2009 that 2010 would not be the year of CMIS. In his predictions, he quoted Lee Dallas who said, “there needs to be application vendor adoption to really create impact.” True! Especially looking at the survey results from Generis.

Will it happen?

So will a vendor step up and “force” the others to follow suit? Many vendors have already put into place CMIS functionality (either in the form of a server, or a client). Microsoft introduced in it SharePoint 2007 (administration pack), and it is included as out-of-the-box in SharePoint 2010. Drupal have been busy. As has Alfresco. IBM (FileNet) introduced support for CMIS in V5.0 of the FileNet Content Manager. EMC promises CMIS support in Documentum 6.7.

It seems that each ECM vendor has been quietly toiling away to support CMIS.

But to what end? Is it a case of “Field of Dreams”, where (to paraphrase) “It has to be built before they come”.


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