The Search application is not available for (all these) sites.

I was at a client site, checking on someone’s work in migrating a SharePoint Search system from one domain to another.

Everything was looking good – the crawl was working, a search returned hits as expected. However when I checked the Advanced Search page, I saw the error:

The Search application is not available for this site.

Oops – that didn’t look good.

Grabbing the message, I plugged it into Google in hope of finding a solution.

Much to my surprise, Google listed 43 sites that matched that error message, and 38 of them linked to the Advanced Search pages of public sites that were having the exact same problem.

Now fortunately the first link in the search results had the answer. So, I had this one fixed pdq.

What amazed me was the other links that directed to public web sites. These included schools, a government department in Qatar, the Connecticut National Guard, the Massachusetts National Guard, as well as other “interesting” sites.

I’m flabbergasted. It would appearthat these sites have undergone a similar exercise where something was changed. Someone had done some cursory testing, and had given the “It’s all good” sign.

And that was it.

Here – have a look for yourself.

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