Tips for creating Great PowerPoint slides

When I was at the European SharePoint Best Practices conference in London this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Ruven Gotz.

Ruven is a is a Senior Consultant & SharePoint MVP with Navantis, and gave an excellent presentation on “How to organise effective requirements gathering workshops“.

The subject was interesting, but what I was really impressed with, was the style of Ruven’s PowerPoint slides. They made me listen to what Ruven had to say (rather than switch off and just read what was on the screen).

Ruven’s style impressed me so much that I tried to emulate it recently. It wasn’t such a success.

Thankfully Ruven has just written a post on creating excellent powerpoint presentations.I strongly reccommend that you go to his site and have a read.

Ruven’s post: Can you read that at the back of the room?

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  • Tips for creating Great PowerPoint slides

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  2. Thanks for linking me in your blog. And thanks for providing us with Ruven’s post. I am great at Word, Publisher and Excel but PowerPoint is like a nail that can’t get hammered. Usually I try to go ahead and write something different or just a word or two and then elaborate. In Present Away: Techniques to Shine (the whole presentation) I tried to use pictures to show people how to dress appropriately and I tried to showcase in my post, examples of formal and informal meetings and events.
    Once again, thanks for linking and for the posts.

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