SPX Series – SharePoint eXperience – (aka SPX) – Series Introduction

This is part of the SPX Series

Hands up those of you who know what SPX is an acronym for.  (Hint – the answer is in the title of this post.)

SPX is the technology that CSC have that allows users, from a SharePoint interface, to interact with documents in a FirstDoc-Documentum system. (And, if you didn’t know – FirstDoc is a CSC’s Life Sciences compliance layer that sits on top of Documentum.) The technology consists of specially constructed web parts and a back-end Docway web server that acts as a “translator” for communication between the web parts and the Documentum server.

In fact, if you look at Andrew Chapman’s list of Reference Models, the SPX web parts would be the 3rd model listed.

Now – I have been working with SharePoint eXperience (SPX) technology for a while now – ever since the first version. I’ve been involved on a technical level as a customer. (That is, someone who has actually had to use the technology in a real-business environment to meet real-world requirements.)

As such, I thought it might be a good idea to start a series of posts on what the technology can do, along with some best practices. Here is a list of the things I will cover:

  • Overview – what SPX is, etc.
  • Best Practices – what are some of the best ways to configure/use SPX
  • Some of the issues that I have had to deal with
  • Anything else that I can think of.

Feedback from Readers is always great to receive, so if you feel that you have a question, or a suggestion, and I can answer it, I’ll certainly do my best.

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