Europe Momentum 2011 – Resources for those who couldn’t be there…

This year’s EMC’s European Momentum is being was held in Berlin.

The Momentum conference is something I have always tried to attend. It  is a great opportunity to:

  • find out what EMC’s strategies are.
  • Attend great sessions to learn more
  • Meet great people
  • Share ideas & experiences,
  • etc, etc.
So – what if you can’t couldn’t attend?
I’m trying to put together a list of resources that will give you the opportunity to follow Momentum online.

Hopefully I will be adding to this page as I find more excellent ways to “be there” (virtually).

Also check out my Google+ stream. I’ll post regular updates there as well. (


  • Blogs from EMC World 2011, Las Vegas
  • InsideDocumentum Momentum 2011 posts
  • Notes from the Momentum 2011 session ”Current and Future Architecture of Documentum” – Alexandra
  • Reflections from Momentum 2011 Berlin – Alexandra
  • Jeroen van Rotterdam’s Blog
  • The ADLIB blog
  • The Momentum 2011 Perspective on EMC Documentum in Q3/2012
    – Ed SteenHoek
  • Momentum Overview – Tim de Grave
  • Momentum 2011 – all the videos

  • More to come…


  • EMC’s Momentum Conference on Facebook – click on MMTM Berlin – Live to see some great streaming video of the keynotes, and sessions.

Official site

  • Momentum Berlin 2011 sitelists the sessions, the speakers, the exhibitions, etc, etc

  • EMC World On Demandpresentations, sessions, etc from the EMC World, Las Vegas 2011

  • Event page in the Documentum Community

Images and Videos from the Conference

  • Momentum 2011 – all the videos

  • Images from the conference on Flikr

  • EMC Momentum 2011 (LA/Berlin) on YouTube

  • Momentum Berlin playlist on YouTube
  • Opening act at the Keynote Presentation
  • Opening Keynote from Momentum 2011 Berlin


  • Momentum Tweets (Streaming)


  • Momentum on Slideshare

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2 thoughts on “Europe Momentum 2011 – Resources for those who couldn’t be there…

  1. Hi Mark,
    You have a great list! We will miss seeing you at Momentum this year, but these are a couple of other resources for you:
    Event page in the Documentum Community:
    Momentum Berlin playlist on YouTube:
    New Linkedin Group:

    There should be plenty of blogs and I will be posting updates from the conference with the twitter handle @EMC_Momentum

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    • Hi Natalie
      Thanks! There’s bound to be a lot of great resources available – I’ll try and list them when I find them.
      You have already mentioned a few, so I’ll add these to the post.



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