Momentum – another year – another set of announcements

As mentioned – I didn’t get a chance to go to Momentum in Berlin this year.

However I was able to get a pretty good idea of what was covered thanks to the great streaming video that EMC had, as well as the great tweets that be “tweeted”, and the excellent blog posts that were written.

I’ve been to a few Momentum’s now, and while they are a great opportunity to really “talk” with the EMC people, and their partners, I always had the feeling that the things I heard, I had, more or less, heard at the previous Momentum, or that what was big one year, suddenly falls to the wayside.

Now I realise that changes to strategy get made all the time, and that new technology takes more than one year to design, develop and integrate, and it’s great to see that EMC is: a) responsive to changes in the market environment, b) keeping its customers well informed of the progress that they are making, but to mention a few examples…

  1. Centerstage – in 2009 this was being hawked as the new Documentum interface. Now where is it?
  2. XPlore – really glad to see that EMC have been busy with their own search engine. And I have been following this with interest. However has there been anything new over the last couple of Momentums?
  3. SharePoint – also really interested in this but, again, are we hearing anything new with regards to the EMC offering for integration with SharePoint?

It wasn’t until I spoke with a colleague, who made a similar comment, that I started to really think about this. Then I saw this tweet from Jed Spink that I realised that others also had the same thought.

I appreciate that my view might not be a perfect one, and that there might be situations where I am wrong.

I want to hear what you think? Am I right? Or am I totally wrong?…

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0 thoughts on “Momentum – another year – another set of announcements

  1. xPlore 1.2 will introduce a couple of new features that people I talked to value a lot and go well beyond a one-to-one replacement of FAST. First the indexing pipeline will be open to UIMA extensions. One of the first will be the CIS classification service that will “semantically tag” documents as they are indexed. The second new feature is thesaurus allowing to search for acronyms, synonyms as well as cross languages. Last but not least the “query subscriptions” support allows a search to trigger a workflow (notification in the inbox or an xCP activity). This opens the door to use-cases beyond the standard “find a document for me”.

    • I can definitely see that there are improvements being made with xPlore. (I been following with interest its progress from the day EMC bought x-Hive.)

      • Hi,
        My comment was related to the question “However has there been anything new over the last couple of Momentums?” but I might have misinterpreted it.
        Looking at the bigger picture, the “new” around xPlore will come in the context of the NGIS initiative, a.k.a., the future xDB/xPlore combo applied to the cloud. I recommend reading Jeroen’s presentations on this subject.

        • Hi Pitch

          Thanks for the info…I’ll check it out. However, (and I haven’t seen Jeroen’s presentations yet,) it still sounds like existing technology fitted to something new…Having said that, I’ll see if I can find his presentations…

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