Scrum- are there actually any rugby balls to be seen?

In an earlier post, titled “The Fast and the Furious – SCRUM“,  I talked about how I had discovered that there is another way of doing a project than following a waterfall approach. And this new way was called SCRUM.

Yeah – I thought a scrum was something that a bunch of large men did while disputing ownership over a small oval ball. Well, turns out that, actually, there is actually a  connection.

In 1986, two Japanese business experts (Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka) published a paper in which they describe the (then) current product development process to be similar to a relay race with one group of functional specialists passing the baton to the next group.

What Takeuchi and Nonaka proposed was a different method where “a team tries to go the distance as a a unit – passing the ball back and forth”.

And this was the basis of what we know call the SCRUM methodology og project management.

You can read their paper here.

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