Information Architect (also known as “The Bridge Builder”)

Peter Morville described an Information Architect as a “Bridge Builder” in his Information architecture and findability column from August 2008.

He expands on this with the following:

An information architect builds bridges between:

  • Users and Content. We design search and navigation systems that connect users with the content and services they need.
  • Strategy and Tactics. We translate abstract visions into well-grounded, actionable blueprints for design and implementation.
  • Units and Disciplines. We facilitate cross-functional collaboration using boundary objects (e.g., wireframes) to start conversations.
  • Platforms and Channels. We sketch maps for new services and experiences that span multiple platforms, channels, and media.
  • Research and Practice. We use the scientific method, heuristics, analytics, user research, and ethnography to inform our designs.

You can read the full post here


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