Promise #11 – FirstDoc and D2

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In my post “FirstDoc & D2” I told you all (breathlessly) that there was going to be a webinar where CSC were going to discuss their plans regarding EMC’s D2 interface.


Unable to Fulfil Due to a family commitment I was unable to attend this webinar. I had contacted with some people at CSC beforehand to to see if it would be recorded. The answer I got was “Yes”, but since then I have been advised that, because of the commercially sensitive nature of the webinar, it wasn’t. I certainly understand that that decision has been made. As such, though, I am not able to actually deliver on this promise.

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Promise #6 – The ARMA Blog Post

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In November of 2011, I was invited to the inaugural meeting of the Swiss ARMA Chapter.

I wrote a post titled “A couple of reasons for me to travel to Switzerland – ARMA & Chris Walker”.  In finished this post by promising to take notes and write a post on the meeting


Promise Fulfilled!

Happy to say that in this case I did follow up on the promise. The blog post can be read here:

The Inaugural Conference of the Swiss ARMA Chapter

Promise #7 – The Inaugural Conference of the Swiss ARMA Chapter Promise

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In my post “The Inaugural Conference of the Swiss ARMA Chapter“, I mentioned that I would stay in touch with the Swiss ARMA chapter and see how they progress.



I’ve been staying in touch with Jürg Hagemann and Jürg  Meier on a casual basis.  I do recieve regular updates from ARMA International, but haven’t been to any further ARMA Chapter meetings.

In fact, the second Swiss ARMA Chapter meeting is happenning Friday 30 March 2012. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make this. (It’s a 2 hour meeting – but is still 900km away.)

So – I have not be actively involved with ARMA’s Swiss Chapter, but I have been involved – albeit “from a distance”.

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Promise #14 – Beta Testing SLIKK

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In my post “Beta Testing SLIKK” I mentioned how I had applied for an “invitation” to Beta test the SLIKK engine.


Promise Fulfilled

See my post that was finished recently here:


Promise #4 – Comments on “The Problem with Network Folders”

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In the post “Comments on ‘The Problem with Network Folders'” I made a few arguments against the claim that Network Folders were no longer of any use.

Then I promised I would go into this further in a later post.


Promise Fulfilled!

In the post “Using a network file share – a case study” I described where Network Folders are still useful.

Promise #1 – The value of a Content Management system

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In my post “The value of a content management system” I described how the US Air Force Medical Service had added an E2.0 interface to their content management system, and finished the post by trying to find out if I could republish some of the material from the article.

Delivering on the Promise

Instead of republishing excerpts from the post, I have included a link to the post, so that you can read it yourself:

Social Network Enlightenment Found in the U.S. Air Force Medical Service

The no Bullet Bullet Slide

Beta Testing SLIKK – My feedback

In my earlier post “Beta testing SLIKK” I described how I requested an invitation to Beta test SLIKK – a site that was offering a new way of searching.

Well after about a week, I got my invitation, and sat down to give SLIKK a test drive.

Here are my findings…

SLIKK Search Application

The SLIKK Search application is a Search Interface that aims to provide the “new” way of searching.

SLIKK Features

On the surface, SLIKK looks like a great tool. Its features include:


SLIKK can be configured to return search results from either Google, Yahoo/Bing, or SLIKK’s own results. Google Results are selected by default.


SLIKK provides search results based on source material:

  • Web
  • Images
  • News
  • Video
  • Blogs
  • Twitter


With Multi-view, a spilt screen can be displayed to show you two different groups of results. (For example – “Web” search results on the left, and “Video” search results on the right.)


SLIKK offers the ability to open the source page, that the search result is pointing to, in a small “child” window. This is not a preview, but the actual page. Further to that you can open multiple ” source pages” and have these open either in a series of tabs or “tiled. Then you have the choice of changing it to full screen, etc.


You can select from a selection of sites (Google Maps, Twitter, etc) or you can enter your own, so that these appear in the top of the SLIKK page.

What I thought of SLIKK

At first glance SLIKK appears to be a great application.

However, when I looked closer at each feature, I started to think “ok…but what is the real advantage that is offered here?”

Search Engine – You can select the search engine that you want the search results from. Really – I can easily do the same by going to the Google site and executing a search there, or going to the Bing search and executing the search there.

Content Type – This is nothing that the “legacy” search engines didn’t already offer. However – to be able to get Twitter results was definitely something I was happy with.

Multi-View – Initially I thought that this was pretty cool. But , to be honest, there wasn’t really that much advantage to this feature. The only value I saw was if you wanted to see, side-by-side, search results for something while viewing what was being tweeted about it the same time. But then…how often do you want to do that?

Open Search Results – Note – this is not a “preview” feature similar to what Google offers. It is a “child window” with the source site in it. In these times of tabbed browsers, I wa struggling to find a real advantage to this.

My Links – When I first clicked on this (and saw the screen displayed above), I thought that it would offer real value. But all it does is display the name of the site in the top of the screen which, when clicked on, will open the site in a new tab, or window. In short – bookmarks/favorites.

  I found that SLIKK was not actually that Slick. I certainly applaud the owners of SLIKK for what they are doing, but I feel that the big Search Engines are already able to offer so much more.

Beta Community

SLIKK have a Beta program in place. And there is a forum, and a blog (as well as a Facebook page etc). They do seem quite receptive to input from users and appear to be trying hard to create something that people want.

I wish them the best of luck.

  • Beta Testing SLIKK
  • Search the way you like it, with Slikk
  • New Search Engine Launches at DEMO Spring 2012
  • Search and browse simultaneously with Slikk

14 Unfulfilled Promises

Dear Reader(s), I come to you with my head hung low, to beg your forgiveness.

Through the history of my blog I have been making promises which I haven’t kept.

And now I want to do right by you.

I will start by listing all the unfulfilled promises, and then, in future posts, I’ll try and either deliver on the promise, or find some plausible excuse why I can’t.

Unfulfilled Promises

1. The value of a Content Management system

…trying to arrange permission to reproduce parts of the article at the moment. Once I do, I will talk about this more.

See: Promise #1 – The value of a Content Management system

2. The public-sector digital landfill

 I’ll be watching with interest, and if I see anything of note, I will let you know.

See: Promise #2 – The Public Sector Digital Landfill

3. Case Study – Is this DM system “social”

In a (much) later post I will present a number of ways this system can be made more “sociable”.

4. Comments on “The Problem with Network Folders”

However there are a few situations where using a file share is still of value.

In my next a later post I will go into this more…

See: Promise #4 – Comments on “The Problem with Network Folders”

5. Realizing True Records Management with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – the Webinar

I’ve registered for the webinar. I’ll be taking notes, and will try and report back on my findings.

6. A couple of reasons for me to travel to Switzerland – ARMA & Chris Walker

Needless to say – I’ll be taking notes during the sessions (especially the keynote speech), and plan to write a blog post once I get back.

See: Promise #6 – The ARMA Blog Post

 7. The Inaugural Conference of the Swiss ARMA Chapter

I’ll try and stay in touch with them and see how they progress.

See: Promise #7 – The Inaugural Conference of the Swiss ARMA Chapter Promise

 8. Total Regulatory Solution – a “complete” offering from CSC – Webinar 1

As mentioned above, there are three webinars in which CSC are describing their new “Total Regulatory Solution”. The other webinars are:

    • Data in the Sky: Finding Flexible Solutions in the Cloud
    • Clearing the Path to Innovation: Exploring Total Regulatory Outsourcing

I plan to write posts on these as well.

9. Latest CMIS survey from Generis

James Kelleher, the CEO and owner of Generis, has sent me an the latest version of the survey. I plan to write a blog post over this soon

See: Promise #9 – The CMIS Survey Blog Post

10. Test Driving the Bottlenose

 I’ll let you know how things go…

11. FirstDoc & D2 – Getty Funky Together

I’ll let you know all about it after the 6th.

See: Promise #11 – FirstDoc and D2

12. “The New Normal” – My Initial Thoughts

I will add to my comments once I have finished the book.

 13. BLUG – I’ll be there

 I’ll be there with my notepad (yes – the paper-based version) taking notes.

14. BETA Testing SLIKK

The site is still in Beta Testing, and is “by invitation only” so I’ll see what happens. If it all goes good, then I’ll keep you up-to-date.

See: Promise #14 – Beta Testing SLIKK

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Beta Testing SLIKK

While doing some research to help someone I’m “mentoring” (as part of the AIIM “Enthusiasts Club” I came across the SLIKK search engine.

This appears to use search results from Google but offers a number of useful ways to view them, as well as the website, or source that they are pointing at.

The site is still in Beta Testing, and is “by invitation only” so I’ll see what happens. If it all goes good, then I’ll keep you up-to-date.