I agree…technology does not encourage user adoption

Michael Sampson recently commented on a statement that SharePoint 2013 had an increased focus on encouraging user adoption.

Michael rightly points out that:

“improvements in features may reduce barriers to usability, but the encouragement of user adoption per se is up to people in the organization who are introducing SharePoint. SharePoint”


I wholeheartedly agree with Michael on this. Bells and whistles (aka features) can seem to be enticing to new users, but without strong top-down enthusiasm for a product/way of working, with a real business application, the chances of user adoption are considerably less.

In his post Michael also mentions his collaboration strategy book, and his user adoption book. I will be open here – I have not read them…yet.

However I know what I’ll be asking Santa for this Christmas year.

  • Increasing SharePoint User Adoption with Easy to Understand Training (arnoldit.com)
  • Putting Social to Work (blogs.technet.com)
  • We Need More SharePoint Business Bloggers (veroniquepalmer.wordpress.com)