Analysis of EMC Predictions

I have just discovered the Technology Services Group (TSG) blog. It has some really great posts in it. The Technology Services Group work with ECM technologies, and their posts describe how they apply these.

On December 10 they published a post titled “Predictions for EMC Documentum in 2013“. While their other posts have had some great material in them, the above mentioned post didn’t impress me.

TSG made predictions such as “Webtop Installations will start to Fade“, “Lots of Interface Evaluations“, and “Slowly Upgrading to D7“. These predictions are not very hard to make. Whenever any software company brings out new versions of their software (often which makes the earlier version obsolete), companies start considering, and evaluating the new software, Sorry – that’s a no-brainer.

Further to that, there were predictions that, in 2013, “Performance will be a hot topic” (when isn’t performance a ‘hot topic’? I’ve never heard anyone say “performance is slow, but that’s ok”), “Mobile Demands continue to grow“, and “Cloud Discussions, but Slow Adoption“. For these last two, there is nothing really surprising about them (“wow – did you know that people will be wanting to use an EMC app on their mobile device?!”).

The second to last prediction “SharePoint Discussions are Dead” reinforces what others are also saying (Even Gartner has ranked MS SharePoint lower this year in their Magic Quadrants, and you can read more on this in Herman Prasad’s post)

This leads me to the last prediction: “Maintenance Costs Increasing“….

TSG – I’m not trying to be mean. You have written some great stuff, but these predictions are hardly that.


    1. John Davis 09/02/2013

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