A great blog : “Solving a murder mystery by using business analysis…”


The door opened with a smooth electronic sigh but an inner wall blocked my way. No wait, it was a body guard with the presence of a wall.

The above is from the first post in the blog “A Business Analysis Murder Mystery – solving a murder mystery by using business analysis...

The author, Guy Beauchamp, takes the reader on an exciting investigation of a “a classic ‘locked room’ case“, Each post acts as a chapter in the story.

And each post covers business analysis techniques. In one post, “driver analysis” is covered, in the next “objective analysis” and so on. 

Guy started writing the blog at the beginning of February this year. I like this type of story. Entertaining, but educational at the same time.
(I wrote a similar series of posts that involved a detective solving a problem with SharePoint Search.)

I look forward to following reading more of Guy’s posts


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