It’s like working in an Encyclopaedia


Everyday I am truly in awe. 

I work in an open-plan office where there are developers, designers, hardware people, project managers, business analysts and a few who I am not sure what they do.

It’s a great work environment, and one that I have found to be incredibly educational.

Because it is open-plan,and because all the  developers, designers, hardware people, project managers, and business analysts are so passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, I get to sit in on some very interesting discussions  (Hell, sometimes I’m almost able to contribute something useful to the conversations.)

A great example is the other day. In that one day I was able to listen to two designers talk with passion about design techniques, as well as some of the new technology available. Then I was involved with a group of business analysts discussing a successful project that had taken place. Later that day I was able to follow another passionate discussion related to UI design, and usability. And then I had a chance to sit in on a debate between two developers on the benefits, and downsides, of Scrum and Kanban.

I always left these discussions feeling like I had just been watching a TED talk, or had been reading through an Encyclopaedia.

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