Asking Stupid Questions – what can happen?

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People consider that you are asking stupid questions when …

… that question that can be answered by using Google.

While easy to do, consider this – by simply finding the answer straight away, it removes the opportunity for dialogue, for discussing, and learning…

For example, I want to know what HTML5 is. I could go to Google, (or Bing, or any search engine) type the four letters and one numeral in, and get an abundance of results.

However, if I ask someone, there are a number of outcomes:

Asking stupid questions - question-flow

Do you see what happened there?

The easy solution was to Google the answer. Simple, easy & fast.

However, by asking someone, I engaged in dialogue, and when the person started explaining the answer, the dialogue started becoming rich, and each interaction created new richness.

People communicating,and sharing ideas, thoughts, knowledge, concerns is, actually, a pretty great thing. :O)

I would love to hear what your experiences are?

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