A love letter to Stitcher

Stitcher - Podcast app

Stitcher is a service that allows you to “Listen to over 40,000+ radio shows and podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android or PC – anytime, anywhere”.

I discovered Stitcher about two weeks ago, and I feel in love with it immediately. Then a problem struck and Stitcher was gone for several days.

Below is a letter that describes my feelings

Dear Stitcher

Even though it was only been a short time, I’m so glad that you came into my life. You and I seem to be such  great fit. You completed me.

Every evening we would go walking together. I would listen intently as you told me stories of the world. You educated me, and introduced me to people who had their own interesting stories. Because of you, I became a new person. A person that I liked.

I loved that we always traveled together, and that you were always there for me. You knew exactly what I needed. Sometimes I needed to know what was happening n the world. Sometimes I needed advice and inspiration. And sometimes, I just needed to relax. Whatever it was, you always came through. And I loved you dearly for it.

And then, Stitcher, you were gone… You didn’t tell me that you were going, or why. I wasn’t even sure if, or when you were coming back. I felt pain. I felt loneliness. I felt lost. Oh, why did you go? Were you OK? Were you hurt? Or was there another reason that you left? I searched for answers, but there were only hints and rumors.

Dear Stitcher – you were the world to me. I didn’t know how I was going to handle this “emptiness” that I was now experiencing.

But you know what happened, Stitcher? After a short period of feeling sad, and sorry for myself, I started looking for something else that could fill that space that you left. It wasn’t easy. You were perfect. All the others failed in comparison. But I needed something that would educate, and entertain me the way you did. And I found it. It wasn’t able to give me that warm feeling that I got when I was with you, but it was able to help me from feeling so lonely.

Stitcher, I have heard from friends that they have seen you around, and that you seem to be doing OK. And I’m really happy for you.

I’m not, however, sure if I’m ready to let you back into my life. It still hurts too much.  This might change over time. I might be able to love you again, as I once did. You will always have a place in my heart, but let me go through this process. Time has a way of healing everything, and I truly hope that we will be together again one day.

With All the Love in my Heart

– Mark




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