Coming Soon – a review of “A Navigator to Business Analysis”

Reviewing “A Navigator to Business Analysis”

At the moment, I’m having a look at Sergey Korban’s new book – “A Navigator to Business Analysis“.


Quotes from Sergey

I have condensed decades of practical experience, a dozen books, and countless articles into just one book. You can learn quickly with this book.

A Navigator to Business Analysis is a book full of useful tips on communication with business users, obtaining information by observing users’ activities, documenting the results of analysis, getting your point across with visual aids, and more.


My thoughts

I been using Sergey’s material for awhile now. I am going to be reviewing his latest offering with a critical eye, to see whether it does offer new value to the Business Analyst and Business Analysis profession

A Navigator to Business Analysis Review

I have reviewed Sergey’s new book, and I’m impressed with it. Check out my post  A look at “A Navigator to Business Analysis”