I’m not the person you think I am – email mistakes part 2

Email Mistakes - Not again?
Image Source: “Strewth” by Craig Sunter

The continuing saga of the email mistakes that can be made when you don’t check who’s in the recipients list.

Following on from “I got promoted! – email mistakes, part 1“, I was surprised when another email from the same sender arrived in my inbox – 3 weeks later.

I was a little bit frustrated as I had already told this person that I wasn’t the person that they thought I was. In my response to the email, I didn’t say precisely that they had made a mistake, but I dropped enough hints…

Unfortunately, the person I responded to didn’t pick up on these…

The initial email:

email mistakes - 1st email

Staff Rota Up to and Including Christmas

Please can everyone review the updated rota in the office, as it goes up to the Christmas holidays and let me know by Tuesday 1 October if there are any issues with it.



My response

Maybe I was too subtle. I thought that there were enough hints to show that I wasn’t the recipient that the sender thought I was.

email mistakes - email 2

hi dxxxx,

I’m unable to get to the office to check the Rota. (I’m based in New Zealand) 😉


D’s reply email:

email mistakes - 3rd email

Hi Mark

But you will be back before Tuesday to review it – won’t you!!

Enjoy the sunshine – gloomy here.



At this point I decided that I had to be more precise…

email mistakes - email 4

No – afraid not. As mentioned, I’m based in New Zealand. I live here. (In other words, I think that you’ve got the wrong person.)



Again, I never got a response…

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