My name is Mark Owen

This is the stuffy official version.

(Here’s the link to the full-blown irreverent version)

Stuffy official version

I am an experienced Certified Information Management specialist, with a passion for learning. And I am a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

After working in the Enterprise Information Management area for several years (and in three different countries), I’ve transitioned into a role as a Business Analyst, making good use of my experiences with systems, people, and content,

As well as musing over “Information Management”, and Business Analysis, I’m also currently discovering, exploring, and enjoying, Innovation, User Acceptance, Education and the world of “social business”.

I write about an assortment of subjects about, and related to, Information Management, and Business Analysis. There are also posts on UX (Userability), Education, User Adoption, innovation, social media, etc.

(Here is a post that explains my “writing philosophy” a bit better).

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To contact me, email me at markjowen at gmail dot com.

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Please note – my opinions are my own… (unless they are someone else’s).

Here’s the Full-blown irreverent version