1966 : Born in a hospital in a small town in NZ. They’ve closed the hospital down now.
I’ve been assured that there’s no connection between the two events …


1971 : First year at school, and while crossing the road, on a monitored pedestrian crossing (aka zebra crossing), I get hit by a motor bike resulting in massive damage to my head. Doctors are not confident of my survival, saying that if I did survive I would most likely be a “vegetable”. I did survive, and although having to learn to walk again, and a slight loss of coordination, I did reasonably OK.  


1979 : Had the lead role in a school play “An Inspector Calls”, (by JB Priestly). The local newspaper came to report on it. The photographer took a photo of a scene with all characters in it except for the Inspector. Not sure if this was a good sign or not.


1980 : Moved to the largest city in NZ. Was overwhelmed by the number of people there. Was referred to as a “country boy” and often heard songs by John Denver sung to me by my new school “friends”.


1982 : Had a main role in a school production of “Hair”. I was informed that I needed to keep my clothes on. This was fortunate, as I burnt my leg one evening while pouring boiling water on dry ice (it was for an effect). Hate to think what would have happened if I wasn’t dressed.


1986-88 : Left school. Wanted to become a cetologist (a dolphin/whale expert). Ended up studying to be a microbiologist.


1989 : Went to a live production of “The Rocky Horror Stage Show” in drag. Had a female friend help me with choosing the right clothes. (It was only once OK)


1987 : Did a 21 day Outward Bound course. Essentially 3 weeks broken up into periods of 3 days of physical/psychological exhaustion, Best thing I have ever done. (Can’t sleep properly now unless there are stones in my bed).


1990 : Traveled around England and Scotland in a kombi van that I bought with some Australian that I met. The vehicle literally fell apart on us during the trip


1996 : Discovered computers. Went through a “what do I want to do with my life” moment, and decided to do a course in “Outdoor Adventure”. Tore my rotor cuff (in the shoulder) while doing an eskimo roll. Left course early.  Decide to pursue a career in Business Computing.


1997-2001 : Worked as a computer consultant installing computer systems that allowed companies to keep control of their documents.


2001 : moved to Australia where, within 1 week, meet a Dutch girl. Unfortunately she was just visiting, and had to head back home.


2001-2004 : Continued working as a computer consultant. Because my new girlfriend lived 16,633km (10335 miles) away, my weekends were usually spent in the office. We took turns traveling to visit each other. (You got use to the 23 hour flight).


2004 : Moved to the Netherlands. Told girlfriend’s brother, in Dutch, that his sister had “naked shift” when I actually meant “night-shift”. Good first impression.


2006 :  Hired a castle in the Netherlands to get married in. Very impressive (and actually easy to do). Girlfriend becomes wife.


Wijk-bij-DuurstedeWhere we got married.


2010 : Start blogging. I write purely for the love of it. “Monetization” is, for me, a dirty word.


2006-2012 : Work for a pharmaceutical company, and traveled through Europe. Eventually get into trouble because of my blogging.


2012 : Moved to New Zealand with wife (and, now, two daughters). Lived in an old farm house next to the sea and surrounded by miles of fields. Loved it. Nearest neighbour was more than a mile away.


2015 : Moved back to the Netherlands, Nearest neighbour is approximately 3 feet away. What the Netherlands lacks in nature, it makes up in culture, and history. Wife feels that, because we lived in NZ for 3 years, that she understands me a bit better.  


2016 : Finished a Vision and Goal Setting course that makes me realise that I realise do like blogging. Start investigating monetization. It’s no longer a dirty word.However, I realise that need to upgrade my site, while continuing to provide good content.

(You can read more about it in my post “Site (& Content) Upgrade“).