AIIM SharePoint Master Course – Day 2, 3 & 4

AIIM SharePoint Master course


A review of Day 2, 3 & 4 of the AIIM SharePoint Master course

continued from … Day 1

AIIM SharePoint Master course – Day 2

Day 2 was the second day of the SharePoint Practitioner’s part of the course.

The day was very similar to the previous day – we covered the course material, which Mr English interspersed with real world examples, along with “Bill’s take” on a particular subject.

The members of the class also contributed with their own experiences.

The material covered

Recap of Day 1

To summarise, on Day 1 we covered:

  • Product
    • Core Capabilities
    • Components and Parts
  • Function
    • Records Center
    • Document Libraries
    • Imaging & Capture
    • Report Management
    • Forms Design
    • WCM/Sites
    • Workflow & BPM
    • Email Management
    • SharePoint & MS Office Integration

Day 2

On Day 2, we covered:

  • Design Elements
    • Content types
    • Classification
    • Search
    • Workflow
    • Communities
  • Infrastructure
    • Architecture
    • Governance
    • Site Provisioning
    • Admin & Maintenance.


The Practitioner’s course gave a good overview of the capabilities of SharePoint 2010 within the framework of content and records management. The people attending were made up of consultants, Record Managers, Business Managements and similar. When necessary Bill would delve into the technical realm of specific parts of SharePoint 2010, but this was not frequent as the course was not a technical one.

AIIM SharePoint Master course – Day 3 – Start of the Specialist track

On Day 3 we started the Specialist course. The class was smaller as several people had only been attending the Practitioner’s part.

Material Covered

The material covered for the Specialist course included:

  • Assess
    • Information Gathering
    • Strategy
    • Business Case
  • Transition
    • Documenting Requirements
    • Records Management
    • Governance
  • Implement
    • Customisation
    • Integration
    • Migration
  • Sustain
    • Change Management
    • Test, train, sustain
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Emergent Collaboration

Recollections and Observations from the day

Initially, I felt that a lot of the material covered in the Specialist course could be used in any ECM decision-making process.

However, upon re-reading the material I see that it is applicable to SharePoint, in the sense of deciding whether SharePoint is actually the best solution for the business needs.

As well as outlining SharePoint strengths and weaknesses, many useful assessment and decision making strategies tools are described.

Much of what was covered in this course, was of a “dryer” nature (i.e. more conceptual) than in the previous course, and this would result in a slight drop in the attention, and enthusiasm of everyone.

Because many of Microsoft’s definitions, or descriptions, do not quite match the global “standard” definitions/descriptions found in the Industry (in Records Management for example), often there would be healthy discussions.

The specific functionalities of SharePoint were often questioned and the “intended purpose” of such functionality was debated.

These times were really valuable, as everyone present had a good understanding of “real” Records Management.

AIIM SharePoint Master course – Day 4 – Case Study

At the end of the course, we were presented with an 8 page Case Study.

There were three assignments that, because of their group nature, were to be completed during the course.

A fourth assignment that needed to be done outside of the course, and then presented to AIIM.

This, along with passing an online exam, are requirements for achieving SharePoint Master Certification.

Overall Opinion of the Course

I felt that there was not enough time for this course (especially if done in a class).

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Day 1 of the AIIM SharePoint Master Class

As mentioned in my post on Day 1, the value of doing such a course in the classroom is the ability to ask questions, get feedback on comments, as well as expanding on topics through describing “real-world” situations.

This requires extra time, and often we found we were racing through the course.

Besides that one comment, however, I really enjoyed this course and was happy with the material covered.

The AIIM SharePoint Master Class is not a technical course, but one designed to describe the concepts and technologies of SharePoint as well as the best practices for implementing SharePoint. I think the course achieved that.


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