I’ve been working on the … Business Analysis Wisdom book


Yes, you read that right … I’ve been working on a book.

It’s called …

Business Analysis Wisdom


Business Analysis Wisdom book

“Business Analysis Wisdom” is a beautiful book.


And it’s full of … Business Analysis Wisdom.


Update – the Business Analysis Wisdom book is now available!

You can read more here.

What is it?

Is it a book that will it help you become a better Business Analyst?



The Business Analysis Wisdom book is a beautiful book.

It contains pure Business Analysis wisdom from the writings, and discussions, of some of the best known, and smartest people in this industry.

Wisdom that provides Business Analysts with brilliant, succinct, thought-provoking, and enlightening insights into the many facets that make up the craft of Business Analysis.


What’s the current status…?

Business Analysis Wisdom is definitely taking shape but is not quite yet ready…

Each piece of wisdom is on a page of its own and has an accompanying beautiful full-page image.

Currently, I’m busy with adding the other components that make up a book (such as Introduction, Acknowledgements, detailed Credits page, etc).

The book is designed so that you can open it to any page, and find something that will educate, or inspire, you.

However, I am also creating a linked index to wisdom specific to the various areas within Business Analysis, as well as a linked index of the Authors. This is still being worked on.

What form will the Business Analysis Wisdom book be in?

Initially, I’ll be creating an eBook.

The contents of the book, however, are so beautiful that it’s begging to be a printed version also. I’m currently researching the possibilities here.


How much will the Business Analysis Wisdom book cost?

This book contains a lot of great stuff.

It’s taken many hours to find great, educating, and inspiring quotes, as well as match it with just the right graphical image.

As such, I will be looking at charging a very small fee for this book.

I haven’t determined how much yet, but I want to assure you, it won’t be a ridiculous amount…

The printed copies will most likely cost more…

But, don’t forget this book is beautiful, and just imagine having a physical copy lying on your desk. You’ll be having trouble working because of all the attention from your boss, and co-workers, that it generates. Anyway – I’m still working out the costs.


Interested in knowing more…

If you’d like to know more about this book or would like a copy (once I have it finished), please click on the button below.


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