Here is a list of the downloadable files that are available on different posts across this site.

I’ll be adding more to this list as I create them.

Business Analysis

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The Mistakes Pieter Made, or The Value of BA Standards The Mistakes Pieter Made, or The Value of BA Standards.ppsx

Using a Smartpen in Business Analysis Using-a-smartpen-in-Business-Analysis.pdf

Using a Smartpen - 10 lessons learnt Using-a-Smartpen-in-Business-Analysis.png

Why are the CBAP exam questions so friggin tricky? The-6-types-of-Exam-Questions.jpg

Information Management

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Better Knowledge Sharing - Fill The Dry Knowledge Well Better-Knowledge-Sharing.pdf

Case Study – A social Content Management system 7-social-system-elements.jpg

Types of information search – exploratory and focalized Types-of-Information-Search-Quiz.pdf

FirstDoc, FirstPoint, NextDocs – a “rough notes” comparison 21CFR11-comparison.pdf