I got promoted! – email mistakes, part 1

email mistakes

In this post, I want to show the email mistakes that can be made when you don’t check the sendto name in an email.

Awhile back I got an email from a bakery in Bath, England, informing me of the fact that I had been promoted!

The sender of the email confirmed that I was ” promoted to “Head of Production”, effective immediately.” Further to that, I had an increase in salary to £9.80 per hour! And it was back-dated.

Dear Mark

Further to our discussion earlier this week, and in recognition of all your hard work and commitment over the last two years, I confirm that you are promoted to “Head of Production”, effective immediately.

This is accompanied by an increase in your salary to £9.80 per hour, back-dated to…

This new role is an important one for the company

The email continued to explain my new responsibilities, etc.
(Here’s a redacted version of the email

While I was very pleased to hear about the promotion, I did the right thing and informed the sender that I was not the right person. I ensured that I kept my signature in so that it was very obvious that I wasn’t the person that the sender thought I was.

email mistakes - response #2

Thanks for the email! Great to hear … Unfortunately, I think that this wasn’t intended for me. :O)  No harm done. I’m just letting you know (if you don’t already).

I didn’t hear from the sender again …
(however….see what happened next in Umm…I don’t think that I’m the person you think I am – email mistakes 2)

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