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friggin-presentationsImage Source: Flickr by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Why does your presentation suck?

I’m trying not to get into the habit of just using someone else material as a post (even when giving them all the credit).

I know I’ve done this a few times recently. It’s because I have come across something that I really want to share.

This is one of those times.

Below is a link to an article entitled “Top 20 Reasons Presentations Suck and How To Fix Them“. Even though the format is in a series of slides that you have to click through, which I (and, looking at the comments, others) found annoying, there are still many good points made.

According to the text on the last slide “The more people who read this post, the fewer sucky presentations we’ll ALL have to sit through.”

So, have a look…

Top 20 Reasons Presentations Suck and How To Fix Them

Thanks to @The14Folder, who tweeted about this originally.

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