“Infographic Thinking” – information + graphics ≠ infographics


Infographic ThinkingImage Source: stockunlimited.com

Troy Larson has written a post on Infographics that I like.

If you have read my earlier Infographic posts (“Infographics – have they gone too far?” and “Infographics – some examples of REALLY good ones (maybe)“), you’ll know that I don’t think much of the majority of Infographics that I have seen.

Check this out:
Ridiculous Infographics - have they gone too far?

Well, Troy has the same opinion:

…after surfing the web for a few minutes looking at some of these, you quickly come to the conclusion that most of them suck.

He follows this with the best comment on Infographics that I’ve ever seen…

most people wrongly think that information + graphics = infographics

And then he takes the whole “infographics” discussion to another level…he discusses an interview that Gestalt had with Francesco Franchi, the Art Director of one of Italy’s top financial newspapers. 

It’s a great post. Click here to read what Troy wrote (as well as watch the video of Francesco Franchi).


Ant Clay, from 21apps has also published an amazing post on Infographics. Definitely take a look at it!


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