Asking the question: GOOD; asking it over and over: BAD – where social engagement in the workplace fails.


Using social tools within the enterprise is a valuable thing. It lets people ask questions to a bigger audience than just those sitting within hearing distance of their desk.

I’ve discussed this in earlier posts (ESS (Enterprise Social Software) – user adoption, and Let’s share!). It’s incredibly valuable to be able to draw on the knowledge of others. That’s why it’s good to be able to ask questions. The answer given helps not just the asker, but can help others, and at the same time, others can add to the answer creating even more value.

Where I feel this all falls down though is that, often, there is no real way to capture that knowledge that came about from the questions asked. Continue reading

Trust the Process

I saw a tweet today from @visualloop with a link to a graphic that really hit me.

It is a graphic that sums up the characteristics of achieving success, and was created by Garrick Gibson, and features in a post he wrote about his road to where he is now.

I liked this graphic because he sums it up so well.  It’s advice that I’d like to pass along.

Success achievment goals dream

(Note – you can see his post by clicking on the graphic.)