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I want Google Search (again)

I have come across this sentiment often (that is – users want “Google Search”. (See my earlier post “We want Google“)

TSG’s blog post really captures some great ways of handling this…


  • 43% of Total Google Search Queries Are Local (

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We want Google! – The number one requirement in Enterprise Search

All the users wanted was Google

One of the things I come across often when discussing client’s requirements for an Enterprise Search system is that they “want Google search”.

When I delve deeper I often discover that the client wants to be able to type one or two words in a small text box, and get back exactly the document that they were looking for. Within seconds.

What they don’t see…

Unfortunately, what the client doesn’t always see, or is aware of, is that there is a lot of work put into making Google work efficiently and that there is a staff of Google employees monitoring, and tweaking, and caring for the Google search engine. What the client also doesn’t realise is that Google (the company) has over 100 million servers around the world dedicated to indexing the internet.

Jeff Carr has written an article (Enterprise Search and Pursuit of the Google Experience.) that examines what happens when a google search is performed. He also writes “rather than posing the question why can’t we? we need to ask ourselves how can we

(The included video by Google engineer Matt Cutts is also very interesting)

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