What are 9 reasons to hire an office cleaning company?

What are 9 reasons to hire an office cleaning company?

Jul, 31 2023 Caspian Sutherland

Uncover the Sparkling Brilliance with Professional Cleaners

Confession time. When it comes to maintaining a clean workspace, I'm a bit of a nut. My headspace seems to reflect my workspace: in clutter, I see chaos and disorder; in a sparkle, I see focus, inspiration, and productivity. Having a clean office isn’t just my obsession; it’s a necessity. I've discovered that for me, and likely for many of you, working in a clean and tidy environment drastically improves my productivity and mood. But what about those instances when I'm unable to handle cleaning tasks on my own?

Enter the world of professional office cleaning companies. When my office started to look more like a hamster's den and less of a workstation, and I was spending more time cleaning than writing, my lovely better half, Imogen, suggested we hire a cleaning company. Thank you, Imogen, for saving my sanity and making my office a pleasant work sanctuary again.

Now, if you're thinking, "Why would I hire a professional to handle my mess?" I get it. Hiring isn't for everyone, but let me tell you - it has been a game changer for my productivity and mental wellbeing. Here are nine sparkling reasons why you might want to consider hiring an office cleaning company.

Boosting Productivity through a Clean Space

The clean shine of your office desk, the orderly arrangement of your stationery, the clutter-free workspace - all these add up to one thing - enhanced productivity. A study by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute concluded that our brains do not function optimally when surrounded by mess and disorder. Physically removing the clutter around you can help clear your mind and keep the creative juices flowing. And you know what they say, creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye - so a clean office feeds just right into that!

Imagine this. You're writing an article, engrossed in your thoughts, and your kid Atticus hops in and asks if you've seen his misplaced toy. At the same excitement level, your pet Maine coon Toffee walks all over your papers, scattering them across the room. Suddenly, your workspace isn't your sanctuary anymore. This everyday scenario with my own son and pet is one of the reasons we find professional cleaning services essential.

Saving Time AKA 'The New Currency'

Time, my friends, is the new currency. In today's era, where working hours often blurs into personal time, freeing up even a fraction of your time can make a huge difference. Can you guess how many hours I used to spend tidying my workspace? Let’s say far too many! With a professional cleaning service handling the tasks, you can fully concentrate on your creative process. And trust me, time saved from cleaning is time that can be spent fingers dancing on the keyboard, crafting your next masterpiece.

As a bonus, with the saved time you can now indulge more in your favourite hobbies. In my case? More time with Imogen, Atticus, and Cleo- not in the office but exploring the beautiful Brisbane parks and beaches. Not many things can beat that!

Impress Clients & Increase Client Retention

Clients entering a sparkly clean office are bound to be impressed. The physical state of an office plays more in client decisions than most realise. A clean office exudes dedication, attention to detail, and professionalism, exactly the qualities that clients look for in a business. In another life, I dabbled in customer service, and I remember one fundamental rule - first impressions matter! And cleanliness has a substantial role to play in establishing that impression.

Beyond attracting new clients, a clean office is a significant factor in retaining existing ones too. A dirty office may create a wrong impression about your business and work ethics, which may discourage them from extending your working relationship. Keep your office clean and let it speak volumes about your professionalism.

Steer Clear of Germs and Sickness

We all know how work can grind to a halt when we fall sick. More often than not, offices act as breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, especially during flu season. A professional cleaning service with their specialized cleaning solutions and techniques will ensure the elimination of germs, reducing the chance of sickness or infections spreading.

I, in particular, become paranoid every flu season, thanks to my adorable little incubators, Atticus and Cleo. They pick up every bug going around at school and inevitably bring it home. Having a professional cleaning company sanitize the house and the office has saved me from countless sick days.

Saving Costs and Maintenance in The Long Haul

You might initially think that hiring a professional cleaning service is an extra cost. But if you look at the broader picture, it's more an investment than an expense. A skilled cleaning service ensures detailed cleaning that contributes to maintaining your office space and asset's longevity. This reduces the frequency (and the cost) of repairs or replacements.

So next time Toffee decides to topple my coffee cup over my rug, I won't worry. I know that my trusty cleaning company will be there to tackle the mess and preserve the rug's life. And you can't put a price on peace of mind like that!

In conclusion, if someone asks me whether it's worth hiring an office cleaning company, my answer will always be a resounding "Yes!" It’s the path of least effort towards maintaining your productivity and peace of mind. So go ahead, make the call and hire that cleaning company. If there's been one positive outcome from my struggle with mess and order, it's the lesson I can now pass on to you - delegate cleaning, keep creating!