How a person and a Swiss Army knife are different.

Swiss Army Knife

I have a Swiss Army knife.

It’s one of those with 12 different tools on it. I carry it everywhere with me. Why?

Because it is extremely handy.

I have used (I kid you not) almost all the tools.

I’ve used the saw to cut branches hanging over the driveway when a truck couldn’t make it under them. I’ve used the screwdrivers almost all the times (I don’t even go to my tool bag in the garage any more). I’ve use the knife frequently, and for all sorts of different jobs where something needs to be cut. The tweezers have been used several times for emergency removal of prickles from my daughters foot.

The list goes on…

This got me to thinking.

A multi-talented person (an experienced IT’er) can be compared to the multi-function swiss army knife. However a little bit more thought on this lead me to realise that, No, a multi-talented person can NOT be compared to a Swiss Army knife.

Here’s 5 reasons why…

Swiss Army knife Multi-talented person
Has multiple tools of which  each one is designed to achieve specific tasks, and does it well. Has multiple talents, but can be stronger in some areas than others.
Each tool continues to do what it is designed for, no matter the length of time between uses. Skills can be become rusty if not frequently used.
The tools in the Swiss Army knife do what they are meant to. They never change. (The can opener always open cans). People have the ability to extend their skills through continual learning, and experience.
Swiss Army knives are predominantly recognisable by the red colour, Multi-talented people don’t always wear red. That’s reserved for those people who meet their demise early on. 
Swiss Army knives can be easily carried in your pocket. Whilst, with the correctly modified clothing, carry people around in your pocket is possible, multi-talented people like to explore new things. They like variety.

There may be more reasons, but I think you get the point…