"Work-life balance" is so wrong!

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance is a load of Crock

When I hear someone talk about “work-life balance“, I fight back the urge to push the person to the ground and slap them over and over, while screaming, in a high-pitched, maniacal, way “Shut up, shut up, you silly person!”

The reason I get this urge is because the whole “Work-life” balance thing is a load of crock. It works on the idea that “Work” and “Life” are two separate things.

Well, my friend…they are not. “Work” is part of “Life“. You cannot separate them.

It’s not as if you stop living when you go to work. It might feel like it to some, but, whether you like it or not, you are STILL living.

Andy Clark describes it well in his video on YouTube. It’s well worth a look. He points out exactly what I stated above – that “work” and “life” are NOT separate things. And, in the comments, was this …

Just the fact that the expression puts “WORK” first, says it all.



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